Ten Tips for Traveling in India

With the breathtaking Himalayan ranges lying to its North; the Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and the Indian oceans, covering it from the East, West and South. With varied topographical features and innumerable rivers; wide variety of flora and fauna. Bearing some of the edifices that stand as the glory of the ancient-most human civilization and above all, for the lands charming and vibrant people, who believes, “the Lord knocks at my doors disguised as the guest”- visiting India is the inevitable reverie for all the itchy globetrotting feet.


The 10 tips that you will get in this article, will make your trip to this breathtaking holy secular land, memorable.

#1. Clothe decently

Touring through the Indian subcontinent, you have to be modest in your dressing approach. Hence, it will be wise to embrace the Indian ethnic wear that will assist you in adapting to the environment and the cultural ambiance of the country. Indian clothes feature ravishing looks, high aesthetics as well as comfort. You will get the majority of the international fashion giants operating their stores in India and hence, you needn’t worry about the availability of clothes of your choice.

#2. Avoid tap water

If you’re a foreigner, it will be wise to avoid the tap water. So, packaged mineral water will be a healthier option. It will be economical for you to purchase the mineral water bottles from the general stores, as those stores charge 1/10th of the price that the big hotels will charge for the same Adam’s ale.

#3. Test the Indian hospitality

Keeping track with the hospitality etiquettes of other nations, the Indian hotels are sure to be given a try to keep you comfortable and most essentially happy, during the course of your visit to India. You will be getting some of the most luxurious hotels in the world in India, that cater international standard services and they have the framework to deliver as per your choices and preferences. Not only the Indian hotel prices are internationally competitive, but the extent of hospitality and the care that the Indian hotel staffs bestows is almost impossible to get elsewhere.

#4. Carry that medicines that fight diarrhea

For the majority of the international tourists, catching diarrhea seems to be an inevitable undesirable part of the Indian trip. Hence, you should have sufficient reserves of medicines that fight the ailment.

#5. Refrain booking cabs from the hotels

It will be economical, not to book the cabs from the hotels itself. Go out on the street and if needed, seek the assistance of the local people, who will be happy to arrange a cab for you.


#6. Avoid those pushy helping hands

Although, the majority of the Indian is very hospitable and helpful to their guests, there are also odd men out, that poses some risk. In instances you are seeking the assistance of the local people, avoid those hands of assistance, those that seem too pushy.

#7. Be very sure about the ideal time to visit India

The ideal tourist session varies between the different tourist spots in India. For the mountainous or hilly sides, the span between April to October will be ideal, while, it would be better to avoid the forests, sea sides or the river sides during the Indian rainy season, that stretches between June-September. The deserts in India are best to visit during the winter seasons that stretches from October till the end February in north-western side of the country. Hence, do some worthy preparation in this regard to ensure that you can fully enjoy your Indian trip.

#8. Be tactful in dealing with the Indian sales person and service providers

An amazing thing about the Indians is that they are champions in negotiations and selling skills. Hence, in instances that you need to hire a service or you would love to shop, be tricky in your dealing. As a matter of advice, say that you are from a nation that is not that popularly known to the Indian people. Again, you will be amazed as how generous the same guy instantly turns to a guest from a new land.

#9. It will be better to donate to the charitable trusts or to the religious places than to give help to the beggars

Yes, the Indian roads, have the beggars and they will mob you for some charity. Indeed, it is a nice act to show gesture to the distressed. However, a better act would be to contribute a part of your touring budget to the charitable trusts or to the religious or social organizations, that is working for mankind. However, ensure that you are issued a valid receipt for the contribution that you are making.

#10. Resist the temptations of the Indian culinary

The India cuisines are among the tastiest and aesthetical ones that you will hardly get elsewhere. However, some of these foods are high in its content of oil and spices. Though, it makes no sense to give up these delightful foods completely, the request to tone down the spices and oils that will make the foods appropriate for those coming from foreign western lands.

Adhere to the tips as suggested and you will be amazed at the worth of the vacation trip that the Indian people will reward you in return, as someone traveling to their land.

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