Tips To Overcome The Anxiety Of Travelling

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Travelling is a fun activity which lets us see new places, meet new people and try out new things which we cannot experience at home. While this is true for most of us, did you know that many are frightful of the prospect of even stepping out of their homes? These are the people who suffer from anxiety disorder, ranging from a mild to a severe condition.

An anxiety disorder can affect people of any age. When it becomes severe, they must receive proper treatment, and may even have to be under medication throughout their life. Here we have some tips for those who are afraid of travelling.

How to motivate yourself (if you feel the need to do so):

A. To step out of the home:

Here we present some tips that will help you overcome anxiety and allowed you to pack your bags and set out for an adventure.

  • Motivate yourself: read all you can about the place you’re about to visit, see its pictures and start imagining how the place would be. The next time you feel scared, remind yourself of how much you want to find out how the real place compares to what you have imagined it to be. Also, think of how boring it will be if you decide not to go there. The others in your group would be enjoying while you will just be sitting at home.
  • Seek help: go online to search about people suffering from the same type of anxiety disorder and read about how they are coping with it. It will be even better if you can find a community which helps you to overcome the problem.
  • Plan meticulously: the primary cause of anxiety is the inability to deal with uncertainty. To overcome this, plan the tour meticulously. When you convince yourself that everything has been well thought out, then the fear of the unknown will reduce significantly.

 B. While you are travelling:

  • Stop worrying: if you keep reminding yourself that you’re not at home, then you will become conscious and the anxiety will mount. Enjoy your tour. Doing the things you like, e.g. exercise, morning walk, shopping, etc. will help you to forget that you’re not at home, and will also increase your confidence.
  • Deal with problems: the best way to solve problems is to deal with them. So be brave and deal with anything that might go wrong. Being scared or running away from it is only going to make them worse.
  • Stop doing things that make you anxious: avoid anything that may add to your nervousness. For example, if you are having vertigo, i.e. you are afraid of heights, then avoid high altitudes. You might even want to request the hotels you will be staying in to give you rooms on the floors which are nearer to the ground floor.

Overcoming anxiety is not easy. It might even require repeated attempts before you are finally able to overcome it and set out on a tour. However, the rewards can be great, and remember that you can always return home if you are unable to bear it.


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