Some Essential Tips For Packing For Your Next Road Trip In An RV

Chikamaglur Homestay

Are you planning that perfect vacation with your family or friends in a Recreational Vehicle (RV)? It surely is going to be an adventure worth looking forward to. The RV itself is like a mobile hotel room which is self-contained and provides above-average comfort to the people riding it.

Chikamaglur Homestay

However, before you start the road trip in an RV, you need to ensure that it is well stocked with food items and other necessities that you will need. If you’re making a cross-country tour with the RV, then you might not be getting the necessary supplies at all times. Hence, you need to plan well to ensure that you do not run out of stock in the middle of the road.

Here are some essential points to remember while planning for the road trip in an RV

  • Travel light:

Pack lightweight items like tables and chairs which can be easily carried around while the vehicle is stationary. Using unnecessarily heavy camping equipment will also make the vehicle heavy and increase its frail consumption.

  • Use unbreakable items

Remember that ultimately, the RV is a moving vehicle which will jerk, bump and occasionally stops suddenly. Hence, try to pack as many unbreakable items as possible in it. After all, you wouldn’t want to clean up a broken plate or a glass which suddenly falls off during jerking or braking. Packing unbreakable utensils is your best bet to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

  • Pack things tightly

The RV will be moving around and its motion will displace things inside it. This will cause items to move around, fall and slide. Hence, pack all the things together tightly inside steady containers like cartons and bags. After all, you wouldn’t want items to get mixed up with each other or lost if they get displaced too much.

  • Avoid perishable food

When you pack a lot of perishable food, you will have to depend on the refrigerator a lot. Just in case you need that electrical outlet to which the refrigerator is connected for any other purpose, or if the refrigerator starts to malfunction, you might quickly lose the perishable items. Hence, stick to well-preserved and packed items which have a long shelf life.

  • Avoid messy foods

While traveling, always try to stick to food that can be prepared easily. Anything that requires elaborate cooking and even boiling might become a big headache and a messy affair. Try to stick as much as possible to dry food or precooked items. Keep that cooking and barbecuing for the instances when the vehicle is parked and the family is enjoying a day of camping.

  • Try local food

There will be times when you will get bored of having packed food are quickly prepared recipes at a stretch. Don’t forget to try out the local joints or even the local produce like vegetables and fruits. It is surely going to add a lot of fun to your vacation.

So happy packing for your dream vacation in the RV, and we hope that you will gain from the tips given above.

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