8 Tips To Keep You Safe While Travelling

Anyone who is travelling needs to be careful about certain things to remain safe and have a happy travel time. More so if he is travelling abroad, and alone. While travelling in a group, probably you feel safer since you have others around you. But while you’re travelling alone, your safety is totally in your hands.


So here are some tips which you can use to remain safe while travelling.

1. Get yourself immunized

Before you travel abroad, it is very important that you visit a doctor and find out the health precautions that you need to take. He will also administer the necessary immunizations and vaccines that will protect you from certain critical diseases.

2. Get insured

Travel insurance protects you against medical costs associated with treatment for sudden illnesses while travelling abroad. Medical costs can be prohibitive, so travel insurance can be a lifesaver should you happen to fall sick.

3. Photocopy or scan all important documents:

Always be prepared for the eventuality of losing the bag or wallet, which contains your travel documents. So, scan all your important documents and keep the documents stored in a secure cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. In case you lose the originals, you can access these scans, print them and show them wherever required.

4. Mind your wallet:

Becoming a victim to pick-pocketing or losing a wallet while travelling is not a fun experience at all, especially if it contained all your cards and money. Always keep your wallet in a safe place. Avoid keeping it in your back pocket or any other pocket which does not have a button to secure it. Nowadays jackets and trousers with inner hidden pockets are available. Consider buying one to keep your money and valuables in those hidden pockets.

5. Keep your cards safe

These days, everyone carries debit and credit cards while travelling. It is always suggested that you do not keep all the cards in your wallet. If you keep the cards in different places, then even if you lose the bag containing one card, you will still have the others.

6. Take care of your belongings

Do not leave your luggage unattended in an unknown place. Also, before you leave, look back. Scanning a place before leaving will ensure you haven’t accidentally dropped any of your belongings.

7. Beware of strangers

Avoid trusting anyone and everyone who offers help in a foreign country. While you might come across some people with the genuine intentions of helping you, should you need it, there is an abundance of people out there who will take advantage of your situation and may even put your life in danger. Become sure of the intentions of the person who offers help, before divulging your details to him.

8. Beware of burglary

Mugging is a very common problem in many countries. Never try to resist these muggers as they may attack you. Let go of your belongings, and later file an insurance claim.

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