Trek To Mullayanagiri For Breathtaking Views And Lush Greenery

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If you love trekking, then do not forget to climb the Mullayanagiri peak while you are visiting Karnataka in South India. It is the highest peak of Karnataka and has an elevation of 6330 feet (1930 m). It is located on the Baba Budan hill in the Western Ghats which is in the district of  Chickmagalur.

Chikamanglur Homestay

What is there to see?

The trek is especially renowned for the view of some of the ranges of the Western Ghats that it offers. The sunset viewed from the Mullayanagiri peak is serene and aesthetic. Apart from that, the trail passes through a dense forest which is breathtakingly beautiful in its own sense. Go for the trek on a sunny and clear day, and you will definitely not be disappointed.

There is a temple of Lord Shiva and the tomb of a saint named Mullappa Swamy near the peak. It is said that the saint did a rigorous meditation in the caves near the summit of Mullayanagiri. Before reaching the summit, you can visit these caves and also view a statue of Nandi.

It is very important to note that there is no water source in the entire route. So, apart from carrying your regular luggage, you need to carry enough water to last through the trek.

Chikamanglur Homestay

How to go for the trek:

Chickmagalur is 250 km from Bengaluru and can be reached via trains, cars and buses easily. There are two routes through which you can reach the peak.

  • Baba Budangiri to Mulayanagiri

The first route is to reach the peak by reaching the top of Baba Budanagiri Hills from Kaiwara by jeep and thereafter trekking to Mulayanagiri. However, this route has greater elevation so it is not recommended for everyone.

  • Sarpadari to Mullayanagiri

The other route starts from a place called Sarpadari, which is 15 km away from Chickmagaluru. The ancient trail to the Mullayanagiri peak on this route was a long and winding path, which was also known as Sarpadari. This trail is no longer used at present, and an asphalt road and around 300 steps have been constructed instead.

 The trek takes almost half a day (8 hours) to complete. It is recommended to complete it before sundown since the route is through a forest, which has wild animals in it.

The long and winding route is renowned for the breathtaking scenery. The forest has various types of trees and plants which are a treat to look at. There are various types of bushes and grasslands which provide lush greenery. You also will get to see the neighbouring hills and the scenery have become more breathtaking as you approach the peak. The view changes after every turn that you take. This ensures that there is never a moment of boredom while climbing the hill.

Some parts of the trek are quite steep so you’ll need to be very careful while climbing the hills. While returning, you can either take the same route back or climb down the steps that have been carved into the mountain.

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