Some Tips To Make Your Road Trips Enjoyable

chikmaglur Homestay

Ask any travel aficionado and he will tell you that going on road trips is a fun way to spend a vacation. Nothing can be more satisfying than getting into your favorite car and driving to your holiday destination with your loved ones while enjoying the beautiful views that come along the way. Though it takes more time to reach your destination this way, road trips certainly have their own charm.

chikmaglur Homestay

Some tips for planning a road trip:

While road trips are particularly enjoyable, it takes a little bit of planning and preparation before you set out for one. You will also have to make a few arrangements for troubleshoots, just in case something does not go as per your plan.

The following are some broad guidelines which you can use while planning for a road trip. You may customize your tour plan according to your tastes and preferences.

  • Deciding the destinations: Every vacation plan starts with shortlisting the places where you want to go. Always draw a route map connecting the adjacent destinations to each other, and prepare the travel plan accordingly. This will minimize the chances of criss-crossing across destinations and also will help you to reduce fuel consumption and save time.
  • Gather knowledge: Once you have decided the destinations, gather the knowledge about each place including the places of attraction and the accommodation options available. Unless you know in detail about each place, you will not be able to prepare your itinerary.
  • Prepare the itinerary: Remember that you will be driving throughout the tour. Hence, plan the tour schedule in such a way that you get adequate rest before you set out for the next destination. Decide on how much time to spend in each of the destinations depending on the number of places you need to to see in each of these destinations. Do not spend too less or too much time in any place.
  • Book your accommodation: Do this well in time in order to get rooms in the hotels of your choice.
  • Pack essential items: Even if you are having a GPS navigator in the vehicle that you will be driving, it is always better to pack a road map with you. Travel light and don’t carry unnecessary luggage. Also carry first-aid kits, a torch, batteries, ropes etc. Also, carry music of your choice in your preferred media device.
  • Camping equipment: If you plan to include camping in the road trip, then carry your camping gear along with you.
  • Consumables: You will need to pack adequate food and water in the car, especially if you have children travelling with you.
  • Vehicle care: Get the vehicle serviced and thoroughly checked before the trip. Carry some essential spare parts, bottles of engine coolant, brake oil, etc. Keep a hammer to break the glasses in case the doors get jammed due to a certain impact. Get the vehicle refuelled, cleaned and its tyre pressure checked at regular intervals during the trip.

Keeping all these points in mind will make your road trip safe and enjoyable.


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