Fun Activities to Do in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur Homestay

Chikmagalur Homestay

Whoever has visited Chikmagalur would have the same opinion about it; that it is a heaven on earth. It is the most beautiful and soothing destination in Karnataka. From historic attraction to picturesque greenery, this district of Karnataka will captivate you and will make you come back for more peace and tranquillity. Located at the height of 3400 ft, this hill station is sure to offer you a perfect break. While there are so many places to visit, here are the top 5 things that you must not miss during your visit here.

Spend some quality time watching the coffee plantation

The hills of Chikmagalur look as if the creator of this earth has spread a green carpet on them. This green carpet is nothing but the coffee plantation. This may not sound much interesting to you but if you are looking for real peace, leave your mobile phone and other gadgets in your room, choose a place inside the plantation, and sit down there. Do nothing; just watch the greenery around you and the blue sky above.

Chikmagalur Homestay

If you can, stay in a homestay instead of a resort. Most Chikmaglur homestay are located amongst the coffee plantation or nearby. So, you can easily get there whenever you want. Morning or evening hours are perfect, as that is the time when you can enjoy ultimate tranquillity. One of the popular homestays here is DM Villa. The villa is a well-managed property. It is owned and managed by a doctor family, so the services are amazing. They provide a clean and hygienic atmosphere. The team there is quite cooperative and this is the reason why it keeps getting visitors all round the year.

Watch the wildlife

The next best thing to do in Chikamagalur is to watch the wildlife. Arrange a trip to Bhadra wildlife sanctuary and carry your camera so that you can capture the view of wildlife. You can spot sambar, spotted deer, mouse deer, sloth bear, wild boar, gaur, panther, jackal, porcupine, etc. If you are lucky enough, you can spot the ferocious animals as well, especially tigers and wild elephants.

Chikmagalur Homestay

Go for trekking

This is another amazing activity that you must do in Ckikmagalur. Whether you are an adventure lover or not, you must try your hands on this amazing sport. Trekking however, is not recommended for elderly people and children. The trek could be risky for them. Further, if you are planning a trekking tour, be ready to sweat out. It would not be easy but it would be one of the best experiences of your life.

Chikmagalur Homestay

Bird watching would be fun

This is a perfect activity for lazy people who want to spend their vacations enjoying the beauty of nature. So, get closer to nature. Bring along your telescope and sit down at a height to watch black winged kite, king vulture, Indian tree pie, open billed stork, black napped flycatcher, great horned owl etc. You may not be able to figure out which bird is it, so make sure you hire a guide. Chikmagalur has a rich avifauna to explore.

Chikmagalur Homestay

Go on a religious tour

Chikmagalur has a number of religious places to visit, some of them being the ancient temples such as Vidyashankara temple and Sharada Devi temple. Belavadi is a pilgrim spot, which hosts a number of ancient temples that are sure to captivate you. Make sure you visit Baba Budan giri hills during your visit to this town.

Chikmagalur Homestay

Chikmagalur is a perfect holiday destination. Apart from these, there are many other interesting things to do here. Talk to your local guide or resort manager for more details

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