A visit to the Land of Coffee, Chikmagalur

Chikamanglur Homestay

Chikamanglur Homestay

Perfect coffee and perfect holidays; what more do you need to take a break from your fast forward life!!!

I was after this much needed break for quite some time and finally I managed to get a Monday and Tuesday off. The first thing that I did when my leaves were confirmed is to book the tickets. My wife is a adventure lover. So, she wanted to go to Rishikesh for a rafting tour, but I had to convince her to pack her bags for Chikmagalur, as the tickets to Deheradun were too expensive. Initially she hesitated but when she found out that rafting can also be done in Bhadra river, she agreed.

So, we headed towards the land of coffee. Giving a break to our mind and thoughts was our sole agenda. I didn’t want to stay in a resort. We wanted to experience a homely treatment, something that we rarely get in Mumbai. So, we booked DMVilla, a Chikmagalur homestay, through Make My Trip. Thankfully South India is a much safer place than Mumbai and North India is. So, we weren’t much bothered about our safety. People here are quite reliable. In fact, the DMVilla team gave us a family-like treatment, something that we desperately wanted. The welcome drink  that this Chikmagalur homestay serves is very delicious and relaxing. My wife, used to ask for it every day and the lady there used to serve her happily.

Chikamanglur Homestay

As I said, my wife is an adventure lover, so as soon as she reached Chikmagalur, she wanted to head towards Bhadra river for rafting. Thankfully, that place was far away. I was delighted to know that we were too late to go for rafting (although I hid my emotions, because I didn’t want to disappoint my wife). The only thing that the people at DMVilla Chikmagalur homestay suggested us to do the first day was to visit the coffee plantations. Ah! I was so happy. This is what I wanted; to do nothing and just sit amongst the thick bushes and inhale the fresh toxin-free air.

I was so happy to be there amongst so much greenery. Being a Mumbaikar, I have never seen so much greenery in my life. I just sat there on the land, closed my eyes, and switched my brain off. My wife headed towards the coffee museum and when she came back, she narrated the whole coffee making process to me for almost an hour. I just acted as if I am listening; I had switched off my brain and was least interested in learning anything. The only question I had in my mind was why can’t I smell coffee! The guide that came with us told us that the coffee smell comes only when the beans are roasted.

Chikmagalur homestay

At the end of the day, the tourist guide at the Chikmagalur homestay briefed us about the tour packages they offer. I liked their packages. They were quite economical. So, we decided to take up the packaged tours instead of hiring taxi for trips to individual places. I hate travelling, as I do enough of it in Mumbai but the travel was worth it. The mountain circuit was the most worthy visit (other than the coffee plantation J).

I will share my experience about the mountain circuit visit along with pictures in my next post. The only thing I think I want to share here is a big THANK YOU to the team DMVilla. You people are great. We can never find such generous and trustworthy people here in Mumbai. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.

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