Trekking in Mullayanagiri – Things You Should Know

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Trekking is a fun outdoor activity that will definitely drive you nuts. You will enjoy it even more if you are trekking in a place with breath taking environment.

Chikmanglur Homestay

Trekking in mullayanagiri is one amazing experience that you’ll live to remember your entire lifetime. Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka, chikmagalur district, which is approximately1930 m or more above sea level. Mullayanagiri is located in the nilgiri range of mountains. Mullayanagiri has breath taking sceneries that captures your attention as you trek along the meanders.

When you think of chikamagalur district the first thing that hits your mind is coffee and an amazing home stays. The district is known for its large coffee plantations. The area has unpredictable weather patterns. However, the best time to go trekking is from the month of September to February. The peak has meandering paths, steep inclines, ridge walks that makes trekking exciting.

So what should you know?

You can as well get to chikmagalur district through Bangalore by road. The distance amid both towns is 280 km. Trek normally begins at sarpadhari. Sarpadhari is only 15 km from chikmagalur. Participants are obliged to cover 5 km distance, which takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Chikmanglur Homestay

Travelers should book for accommodation as well as pick their tickets in advance, especially if you’re traveling in groups. As a matter of fact, chikmagalur is endowed with a state or the art hotels, which provides all kinds of meals including native meals. Chikmagalur host all kind of Hotels; therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re operating on a tight budget or not; the most important thing is that you’ll get an accommodation that is within your budget.

The main means of transportation in chikmagalur are buses. Most people who are going to sarpadhari go by buss. As you travel by road, you’ll come across a white arch, which is situated off the main road. The white arch is a stone throw away from where the trek begins. The trekking path has a lot of meanders and is trodden with steep inclines. The serpentine path as it is called takes you to the peak.

Chikmanglur Homestay

As you go up you’ll be amazed by the breath taking sceneries. There is a cave several meters way from the trek, which runs deep into the hill. The cave has uncountable bats as well as multi colored walls. The coloring of the caves walls is coursed by mineral deposits, which took place several years back. What’s more, you’ll get to see the ancient Shiva temple that perches on top of the park. As you go through the Bhadra forest on your way to the peak, you’ll see wild animal of all kinds. Here are a number of factors you need to take note of.

  • The trekking path to the peak is steep
  • There is low visibility as you climb up with mist sweeping in without notice
  • There are strong gusts of wind on the hill side
  • You should carry warm clothing
  • Don’t attempt the trek if you have fear of heights
  • Carry along water and snacks for the trek
  • The trek is tiring so it’s advisable to that it is done during the day

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