Bathe in the beauty of Ayyanakere Lake

DMV (Conflict Copy)

The famous coffee town of Chikmagalur is the initial point of adventures lying ahead. It serves as the point from where one can plan trips to different and exciting destinations. With lakes, rivers and hills gracing the region, Chikmagalur can never lack fun. One of the major highlights of Chikmagalur is the famous Ayyanakere Lake.

The vivid and magnanimous lake of Ayyanakere is the perfect example of calm and aesthetic tourist hot-spot. This lake is one such spot that deserves to be on the priority list of travellers visiting Chikmagalur. Despite the lack of any publicity, the peaceful ambience of lake makes it more travel worthy.

Situated in the Malnad region, almost 20 km away from Chikmagalur, this lake attracts thousands of nature lovers throughout the year. Plan out an amazing evening at this alluring lake during your stay at DMVilla, the best homestay in Chikmagalur.


What makes this lake so attractive to the tourists? Well, it’s the amazing pyramid shaped hill right along the lake. Lying amidst the calm and serene surroundings, Ayyanakere lake is the second largest in Karnataka. It was built in late 12th century in order to make the land more fertile. Being a blessing to enhance the fertility of the land, this lake has been a gift to farmers, covering a region of almost 21,500 hectares of land, this is the favourite site for tourists across the state.  Since the origin, this large water body has supported agriculture and irrigation for almost 20 villages. With facilities of irrigation this region produces major crops like coconut and sugarcane.

Tourists avail the chance to enjoy the beautiful and picturesque view of sunset or sunrise. Besides witnessing the aura of lake, there are lots of recreational activities like fishing and camping for the travellers.

Situated on top of the Agumbe and Sringeri Hills, this old lake is more than just a water reservoir. Tourists can pay homage and visit the nearby Shakhuni Ranganatha Temple as well.  This lake in Sakharayapatna was built by the king Rukmangada Raya. Relax in the serene tranquillity and posh beauty of nature. This lake is perfect for a picnic or evening with family with camping and fishing to entertain yourselves.


Have you wondered about the legends connected to the lake? From the legend of Honna Billa, waterman, who looked after the lake during Hoysala rulers to the Nirvanaswamy, saint, who seemed to have eradicated the breach problem of lake.

To reach Ayyanakere lake, one has to travel a distance of almost 20 kms from Chikmagalur. On the way to Kadur, one has to reach Sakrepatna, the nearest town to the lake.

We welcome you to Chikamagalur, take the privilege of homestay at the luxurious andDM Villa, renowned Chikmagalur resort, for a rich and serene experience.Chikmagalur has hotels, homestays, and resort for providing modest facilities. DMVilla is among the best homestay with lush amenities with excellent services to make your visit memorable.

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