Step inside nature’s best: Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

homestay in chikmaglur

homestay in chikmaglur

If you are thinking of visiting Chikmagalur in the vacations, don’t forget to visit the famous forest sanctuary, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, located at a distance of just 38 kms. Amidst the lofty hills of Hebbegiri, Babaudangiri and Mullaianagiri; lies the Karnataka’s top most tiger reserve across the lush region of Bhadrariver. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary also called as Muthodi Sanctuary sometimes because it has two villages-Muthodi and Lakkavalli nearby.
The sanctuary is named after the Bhadra River which flows through the green and lush forest range. After the census was passed in 1974, the sanctuary was rebuilt as a wildlife sanctuary. Due to the ample tiger population in this region this sanctuary was declared as the 25th Project Tiger reserve in the country. The sanctuary is located in the tropical forests of Western Ghats in Chikmagalur district. This sanctuary covers the area of around 492.46 square km.



This sanctuary is home for rich flora and fauna. Not just tigers, sanctuary is rich in butterflies, birds and wild animal species. Some of them are species of elephant, tiger, panther, mouse deer, wild boar, dog, jackal, langur, horned owl, hornbill, black flycatcher, king vulture, drongo and black kite. The butterflies found in the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary includes- Yam fly, Tailed jay, blue pansy and crimson rose. The forest is a tropical dry and deciduous type in nature. The major tree that grows here are Teak, Nandi, Rosewood, Mathi, Tadasalu and Kindal. You can enjoy the nature’s best flora and fauna in this sanctuary. With the help of guides and access to tourists jeeps, you can watch the famous Indian tiger from nearest and click few photographs as well.
The fun activities that can be found in Bhadra Sanctuary are site-seeing on jeeps, water-based activities, island camping, trekking and rock climbing. If the tourists want to explore the sanctuary then they can visit temples such as Bhavani Shankar of Hebbe, MhaktaMarkandyaof Khandya built during Hoysala empire.

The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuarysanctuary is located across the two districts of Chikmagalur and Shimoga. The nearest airports are Banaglore and Mangalore. You have to travel to Chikmagalur first followed by a bus route to Muthodi.

If you want to visit this sanctuary then the best season to visit is between October to November. But if you feel like travelling sometimes else, you can enjoy the beautiful forest scenarios throughout the year. The state Forest Department offers accommodation services to the tourists.You can plan an extended visit to the sanctuary with family or friends and enjoy the other perks along with the comfortable stay. From Chikmagalur, you can take a bus to Muthodi,which is the centre spot of the sanctuary.

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