The popular BallalarayanaDurga Fort

Are you the one to get mystified by the architecture and significant ensemble of forts? They always seem to possess a certain aura in the background. Well, you can avail the chance to pamper yourself and unleash the hidden mystery of the famous BallalarayanaDurga Fort. While your stay at DMVilla,Chikmagalur, don’t forget to visit this popular tourist’s hot-spot.

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Forts represents the lost ethic and cultural history of any particular region. If you are an avid learner of arts & architecture then you will be always curious to gain knowledge. Not only the curious travellers but everyone wants to explore the history of reminiscent monuments.

What makes BallalarayanaDurga Fortso special? For starters, it was built by Hoysalarulers, who were renowned for their ample love for architecture. Secondly, this fort has been built right amidst dense forest. This amazing fort is situated on top of a hill in the wonderful Western Ghats.

BallalarayanaDurga fort was built by the wife of VeeraBallala l, Hoysala ruler, in the late 12th century.  We have come across several temples built by the Hoysalas. This fort was built as per the KarnataDravida style of architecture, popular at the time of Hoysala Empire.

The fort has been constructed atop a 1509 metres high hill. From the fort one can have the vivid view of the town of Sunkasaale.  Though, with the rampage of time and lack of any heritage conservation plan, the fort has lost its glory. With damage to main structure, one can only pay homage to the still-standing fortified walls. Travellers visit the fort to check the reminder of pride and glory of great Hoysala architecture. This fort in this ruined condition sets an alarm to the governing bodies to step ahead and preserve the rich Indian heritage, which is in danger due to lack of seriousness and proper conservation.

What produces a terrific sight for the visitors? The dense luxurious forests which engulf everyone with lush greenery and haven’t lost the essence.  This fort attracts travellers throughout the year. One can visit the ancient Kalabyraveshwara temple situated right below the fort on the journey.

If you are planning to visit this famous fort then you need to know that the fort can only be reached by trekking and that also through the dense forest cover. The fort comes in Bettabalige, Kottegehera village of Chikmagalur.

So what are you thinking of? Plan a tour to the BallalarayanaDurgaand enjoy the amazing sunsets. The calming atmosphere, noise to its minimal and the stunning spectrum of different hues during evening makes this fort come alive with a kind of radiance. Have the amazing experience of soothing breeze blowing over this serene spot and the astonishing view from atop of hill. The most used trek route that leads to this fort would be the one initiating from Mundaje to the BandejeArbiand ending at the fort.  This route is definitely not for amateurs, it’s difficult and challenging.

Enjoy your visit to Chikamagalur’s famous tourist spots with a pleasant stay at DMVilla,the best homestay for anyone looking for homely yet modernised place.

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