Ten Tips for Traveling in India

With the breathtaking Himalayan ranges lying to its North; the Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and the Indian oceans, covering it from the East, West and South. With varied topographical features and innumerable… Continue reading

Three prominent wildlife sanctuaries to visit in Chikmagalur

While visiting Chikmagalur, there are some prominent wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that you should not miss. These are:     1. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary: 38 km away from Chikmagalur, the Bhadra Wildlife… Continue reading

How To Prepare Yourself For Hiking In The Winter

If you are fond of hiking, then you must be looking forward to going on hiking tours round the year. However, the winter months pose special challenges due to the cold, and hence… Continue reading

Plan a weekend trip to Chikmagalur, the beautiful hill district in Karnataka

Chickmagalur is situated about 250 km away from Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka in India. With marvellous roads connecting the two cities, it has turned it into a popular weekend road trip.… Continue reading

Tips To Overcome The Anxiety Of Travelling

Travelling is a fun activity which lets us see new places, meet new people and try out new things which we cannot experience at home. While this is true for most of us,… Continue reading

Some Essential Tips For Packing For Your Next Road Trip In An RV

Are you planning that perfect vacation with your family or friends in a Recreational Vehicle (RV)? It surely is going to be an adventure worth looking forward to. The RV itself is like… Continue reading

8 Tips To Keep You Safe While Travelling

Anyone who is travelling needs to be careful about certain things to remain safe and have a happy travel time. More so if he is travelling abroad, and alone. While travelling in a… Continue reading

Trek To Mullayanagiri For Breathtaking Views And Lush Greenery

If you love trekking, then do not forget to climb the Mullayanagiri peak while you are visiting Karnataka in South India. It is the highest peak of Karnataka and has an elevation of… Continue reading

Some Tips To Make Your Road Trips Enjoyable

Ask any travel aficionado and he will tell you that going on road trips is a fun way to spend a vacation. Nothing can be more satisfying than getting into your favorite car… Continue reading

While Visiting Karnataka, Don’t Miss These 10 Waterfalls

Karnataka is popular tourist destination due to its rich flora, fauna and abundant scenic beauty. In the list of “1001 natural Wonders of the World”, you will find many waterfalls of Karnataka featuring… Continue reading

Monsoon – Chikmagalur, Mullayyanagiri and Charmadi

Consistently, rainstorm downpours rock India in the month of June and remain focused September. It is the time when it rains and gives a highly fancied help from the warmth for everybody. These… Continue reading

Fun Activities to Do in Chikmagalur

Whoever has visited Chikmagalur would have the same opinion about it; that it is a heaven on earth. It is the most beautiful and soothing destination in Karnataka. From historic attraction to picturesque… Continue reading

12 things you shouldn’t miss in Chikmagalur- Posted on Karnataka.com

If you are a coffee lover, you wouldn’t be able to resist visiting Chikmagalur for long. Even if coffee is not your weakness, this lush green town should be your next holiday destination.… Continue reading

A visit to the Land of Coffee, Chikmagalur

Perfect coffee and perfect holidays; what more do you need to take a break from your fast forward life!!! I was after this much needed break for quite some time and finally I… Continue reading

Trekking in Mullayanagiri – Things You Should Know

Trekking is a fun outdoor activity that will definitely drive you nuts. You will enjoy it even more if you are trekking in a place with breath taking environment. Trekking in mullayanagiri is… Continue reading

Bathe in the beauty of Ayyanakere Lake

The famous coffee town of Chikmagalur is the initial point of adventures lying ahead. It serves as the point from where one can plan trips to different and exciting destinations. With lakes, rivers… Continue reading

Step inside nature’s best: Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are thinking of visiting Chikmagalur in the vacations, don’t forget to visit the famous forest sanctuary, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, located at a distance of just 38 kms. Amidst the lofty hills… Continue reading

The popular BallalarayanaDurga Fort

Are you the one to get mystified by the architecture and significant ensemble of forts? They always seem to possess a certain aura in the background. Well, you can avail the chance to… Continue reading

DM Villa: the most sought-after home stay in Chikmangalur

What is it that you need when you are on your vacations? Peace Relaxation Delicious food Quality family time Fun and entertainment These factors must be some of your requirement when you are… Continue reading

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